Australian Catholic Mapping Online

Australian Catholic Mapping Online (ACMO) is the mapping platform of the National Centre for Pastoral Research (NCPR).

In 2021, the ABS divided Australian Census data into 61,845 Census statistical areas (SA1s) which cover all of Australia. The NCPR uses the mapping platform to allocate Census SA1s across approximately 1,300 Catholic parishes in Australia. SA1s don’t always fit neatly into parish and diocesan boundaries, so the Centre consults with dioceses to ensure that the boundaries used for the profiles are “the best fit.” For example, in the map alongside, diocesan boundaries are shown by the dark blue lines on the above map and the light blue lines indicate parish boundaries. Once the boundaries have been confirmed, production of the National, Diocesan and Parish Social Profiles commences.

The NCPR also loads Census data onto the platform to make Census information available online and provide a visual presentation of the numerical data.

2021 Percentage of Catholics Map 

The 2021 Percentage of Catholics Map is shaded in five colours to show the proportion of people in each diocese who identified as Catholic in the 2021 Census.  Dioceses shaded dark red have the highest proportion. Nationally, Catholics account for 20% of the Australian population. The dioceses shaded gold or cream on the map have fewer Catholics than this. In contrast, those shaded in orange or red have a Catholic population that matches or exceeds the national average. The map is available for download and printing in A3 and A4 using the links below:

2021 Percentage of Catholics A4 Map

2021 Percentage of Catholics A3 Map

More ACMO Maps will soon be available, giving you instant access to selected 2021 Census data on National, Diocesan and Parish levels.  Keep an eye out for further updates!