Building Stronger Parishes

The Building Stronger Parishes research project explored how Catholic parishes, in various contexts, use their strengths and available resources to respond to a variety of challenges. The aim of the research was to identify and analyse some of these initiatives in parishes throughout Australia, which could then be  implemented in other parishes facing similar challenges. Particular emphasis was given to stories of vitality and hope that bring life to their communities and have an underlying foundation in an eccesiology of communion.

For more information on the project visit the Building Stronger Parishes Website

There are several publications with a multitude of research findings that emerged from this project which are as follows:

A HANDBOOK FOR BUILDING STRONGER PARISHES: Case Studies, Reflections, Worksheets, Action Plans

In this  book, Dr Trudy Dantis draws on her ground-breaking research into factors that lead to parish vitality to provide Australian case studies with down-to-earth examples of what can be achieved in eight key areas that lead to stronger parishes: planning, spirituality and faith formation, liturgy, community building, welcoming and hospitality, outreach, evangelisation and leadership.

This work is supported by the Robert Dixon’s helpful introductory articles enabling parishes to build up a comprehensive parish profile from readily available information.

A Handbook for Building Stronger Parishes provides excellent case studies, reflection questions, worksheets and action plans to support you and your parish team.

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Trudy Dantis and Robert Dixon

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A series of six reports were produced on various aspects of parish vitality arising from the research. The reports are produced in both hard copy and downloadable formats. These are now available at DISCOUNTED PRICES from the ACBC website at‐shop. Use the search function to search for ‘Stronger Parishes’.

The six reports are:
1) Community Building, Welcoming and Hospitality
2) Liturgy
3) Spirituality and Faith Formation
4) Mission, Outreach and Evangelisation
5) Leadership
6) Planning