A great way to get people to know each other in a parish is to make Name Tags that parishioners can wear to Mass and other community events. This encourages people to introduce themselves to one another and build friendships.

To know more about this activity and how it could help your parish please contact Sugarloaf parish in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.





A Welcome Desk that is manned by volunteers before and after each Mass is a great way to meet new parishioners and provide them with information on programs and activities for them to get involved in the parish. It helps initiate a connection with new parishioners right from the start and helps them feel welcome in the parish.

Volunteers from the parish who man this desk also have an opportunity to reconnect with other parishioners and help strengthen the bonds of community within a parish.

To know more about this activity and how it could help your parish please contact Kings Park parish in Melbourne –

We are creative within the bounds of what we can do in the liturgy. We do use music creatively and also proclamation and drama, so we can enhance the experience of the liturgy.

Parish Group Leader, Albany Creek

There were lots of kids who came to Mass in different centres and thought they were the only ones. It was big eye-opener the first time …. kids had sat next to one another at school and never knew the other went for Mass—this has shifted massively over the years. Kids are proud of going to Mass and taking part in church activities.

Parish Leader, Launceston

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