Mission and Outreach


A food bank  is  a great way to help families in the parish who struggle through difficult times. Volunteers take turns to cook meals or donate food. Food collection drives are sometimes organised in the parish on certain occasions. Tinned food and other staples are stored in small parish pantry and cooked meals may be frozen for future use. These are then provided to people who are sick or have recently lost a family member or anyone who might be in need of such help. For an outreach activity that doesn’t require much organisation, a food bank tops the list! To know more about this activity and how it could help your parish please contact any of the following parishes:
Mount Isa Parish, Diocese of Townsville  – https://www.goodshepherdisa.com.au/
Cororooke Parish, Diocese of Ballarat – https://www.ballarat.catholic.org.au/parishes-and-priests/fx-parish.cfm?id=113&loadref=127 


vinniesThe St Vincent de Paul Society is a pioneer in community outreach services. Many parishes have benefited from having a group set up to provide help to their community. ”Conferences” are set up in parishes and volunteers of the organisation live their faith by visiting people to provide friendship and support. Opportunities are provided to be involved in a range of community outreach and relief services. Volunteers help to deliver much needed services particularly to the poor and marginalised in the community.

To know more about how you could set up such a group in your parish to benefit your community please go to https://www.vinnies.org.au

MIssion and OutreachDoes your parish have a surplus of resources? Are you blessed with generous donors? Perhaps you’d like to partner with an overseas parish in a developing country to help the build their community? Australian parishes who have partnering programs have found great benefit in forgoing links with overseas parishes and their communities with both sides gaining from the cultural exchange.

To know more about this activity and how it could help your parish please contact any of the following parishes: Sugarloaf Parish, Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle  or Albany Creek Parish, Archdiocese of Brisbane –  https://www.allsaintsparish.com.au/ 

We had a call earlier to say there were a lot of lonely people in the parish and so I thought they could go to the Seniors group and then we found out that that group had fallen flat on its face and so we revamped that and got it going again. …

Parish Council Chair, Albany Creek

[I believe] the parish should support something beyond the parish because my idea with that is you will always have enough of your own resources if you are prepared to be generous beyond your immediate needs.

Parish Priest , Launceston

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Mission and Outreach