Spirituality and Faith Formation


People who are home-bound can often be overlooked in a parish. Apart from a visit from someone who gives them Eucharist, they can find it hard to feel a part of the parish community.
Launceston Parish found a unique way to include such people in regular parish life. The Powerhouse of Prayer group is especially for people who are home-bound and unable to attend church. They unite in pray everyday at 12 pm at home or wherever they may be. They even have their  own newsletter to keep them informed of what’s happening and to forward them prayer requests from the parish community.
For more information on this group contact Launceston Parish



Scripture study


The Little Rock Scripture Study is a collection of studies focusing on its biblical roots. The program provides a variety of structured courses covering the books of the Bible. Each course covers one book or a theme found in several books, and is designed to be completed as a block of separate weekly lessons. Study materials consist of audiovisual presentations, commentary booklets, and guides for small group discussion.

Albany Creek Parish in Brisbane offers several courses throughout the year. Participants usually meet once a week for as many weeks as there are lessons in that particular course. To find out how this group might benefit your parish contact Albany Creek Parish— https://www.allsaintsparish.com.au



myall coast

The rural parish of Myall Coast consists of three separate communities with distinctive identities and different needs. The Faith Development team was organised to create and run formation programs at a parish level as determined by parish needs. For example, at the Parish Assembly in 2012, the greatest need for faith formation was seen to be for readers at Mass, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, bereavement teams and sacramental leaders, in addition to the ongoing needs of faith formation for the general parish community. The team organises regular formation workshops on liturgy, devotion and faith issues, and also looks after the parish library.

For more information on this group contact Myall Coast Parish—  www.myallcoastcatholicparish.org.au

I love the RCIA experience … It is very enjoyable and enriching … It helps me focus more on spiritual matters. RCIA is also an activity that Q [her husband] and I do together as couple so it helps us both. 

Parish Group Leader, Launceston Parish

My teaching others about faith and being questioned by them strengthens my faith.

Parish Staff, Mount Isa

Spirituality and Faith Formation

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