Australia’s Religious Communities

Australian Religious CommunitiesA CD-ROM (3rd Edition) produced by the Christian Research Association. Edited by Rev Dr Philip Hughes.

This outstanding CD-ROM provides an account of more than 170 religious groups in Australia, with 29 major religious traditions given detailed, book-length treatment covering the tradition’s history, particularly its history in Australia, its beliefs and practices, organisation, current statistics, and biographies of selected individuals.

The material on the Catholic community was prepared by Dr Robert Dixon, author of The Catholic Community in Australia and Director of the Pastoral Research Office.

“For students and teachers, this resource makes available relevant, accessible, accurate information in a well-presented, attractive and engaging format. A great resource for schools and all interested in the study of Australia’s religious heritage and practice.”
– Dr Sandra Carroll, Lecturer in Religious Education, Australian Catholic University

To obtain a copy, please contact The Christian Research Association on 03 8819 0123 or visit their website.