The Catholic Community in Australia

Catholic CommunityRobert E. Dixon

Drawing extensively on the 2001 Australian Census and the 2001 National Church Life Survey, The Catholic Community in Australia provides a detailed demographic profile of both the Catholic community in general and of those who are active in Church life. As well as painting a comprehensive profile of the contemporary Catholic community, it also traces the history of Catholics in Australia from the First Fleet to the present day, and examines how the richness of the community’s traditions increased through the arrival of Catholic immigrants from many countries during the second half of the twentieth century. The book also includes a brief account of the major Catholic beliefs and religious practices and looks at the complex organisations and activities that make up the Catholic Church. It concludes by noting both the achievements of the Church in Australia and the challenges it faces in the years ahead.

The book is a completely revised, updated and expanded version of Dixon’s 1996 book The Catholics in Australia.

The book was published in association with the Christian Research Association (CRA).

The Catholic Community in Australia is available for $25.00, including postage (5 or more copies, $20 each). To obtain a copy please contact The Christian Research Association on 03 9878 3477 or visit their website.